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[texts]Radiotelegraphy. U.S. Signal corps - United States. Army. Signal Corps

Keywords: Telegraphy, Wireless
Downloads: 521
[texts]Wireless Telegraphy; With Special Reference to the Quenched-Spark System - Bernard Leggett
The Directly-Useful [D.U.] Technical Series, Number of Pages: 485
Keywords: Wireless; Telegraphy; Radio
Downloads: 500
[audio]Telegraphy E.P. - Telegraphy
Micro samples of field recording that I made while roaming around abandon factory’s and houses in the Detroit area, are the next level of electronic music after the synthesizer and processor. It gives the impression of lofi but still maintains the electronic feel.
Keywords: Telegraphy; Elpamusic; elpa33
Downloads: 944 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Telegraph Age, Vol. XIX, 1902
Digitized by Google.
Keywords: Telegraph -- Periodicals; Telegraphy; Telegraph
Downloads: 15
[audio]Midnight Signal - Telegraphy
A thirteen minute live set by Telegraphy. "Midnight Signal" combines the ambient sounds of shortwave and Detroit electronic noise to produce a hybrid analog and digital live set. Analog electronics: Vintage Collins R-388 vacuum tube communications receiver, Five channel mixer board. Digital electronics: Yamaha Digital Audio Processor, Ablton 1.5 software sequencer, MIDI key board/controller. Video production by Telegraphy.
Keywords: Midnight; signal; telegraphy; ionosonde; recordings
Downloads: 149
[texts]The measurement of elecrical oscillations in the receiving antenna (Volume Bulletin of the Bureau of Standards, Vol. 7, 295-299 (1911) Scientific Paper 157 (S157))
The author has already referred to the standardisation of the perikon detector, for the same conditions of frequency and coupling, by comparison with a thermo-element. He now makes use of this arrangement, a galvanometer of 2000 ohms' resistance and sensitiveness 1.28*10/sup -9/ amp being used with the dector. In the following table are given the received current and received energy, measured in this way for various sending stations, the measurements being made at the U.S...
Keywords: radiotelegraphy/ B6210F Telegraphy
Downloads: 142
[texts]Telegraphy: railroading, express and freight - Soulé, Julien Elizabeth, 1879-

Keywords: Telegraphy -- Operators' manuals; Railroads -- Telegraph
Downloads: 334
[texts]How To A Become Wireless Operator - Hayward, Charles Brian
How To A Become Wireless Operator: A Practical Presentation Of The Theory Of Electrical Waves, Their Propagation, And Their Adaptation To Wireless Communication, Including Simple And Clear Instructions How To Operate Wireless Devices And How To Comply With Government Requirements For Operators CONTENTS Fundamentals of wireless telegraphy 1 Discovery of electric waves 1 Essentials of wireless method ...
Keywords: Telegraph; Wireless; Telegraphy; Telegraph; Radio
Downloads: 78
[audio]Interpretations Liveset
Recorded live in ionosonde studio on October 4, 2013
Keywords: dj set; live; telegraphy; interpretations; ionosonde; recordings
Downloads: 159
[audio]A Happy Loneliness (single) - Telegraphy
A single track from Telegraphy entitled "A Happy Loneliness". As part of the on going project of ionosonde recordings remix of telegraphy's original.
Keywords: a happy loneliness; telegraphy; ionosonde; recordings
Downloads: 103
[audio]Last Years Walk
The last release of 2014 from Telegraphy on Ionosonde Recordings
Keywords: last; years; walk; telegraphy; ionosonde; recordings; single
Downloads: 19
[audio]Interpretations iono-14
To interpret is all in the eyes of the beholder. Different world views and opinions varies widely from individuals. All of us has our own unique sense of reality that we somehow like to share with the rest. Weather it's good or bad, you and I compute the external environment to our own liking. Keeping this in mind, "Interpretations" an album of collected dubed sound-scapes by Ionosonde's resident artist Telegraphy, pushes the listener into outer space where a sterile environment is present to be...
Keywords: space dub; dub; telegraphy; interpretations; ionosonde; recordings
Downloads: 350
[audio]Minimal Technika (liveset) - Telegraphy
From the album Minimal Technika. A minimal techno liveset from Telegraphy.
Keywords: minimal; techno; experimental; Telegraphy; Ionosonde Recordings
Downloads: 323
[software]mill - Jim Farrior, W4FOK
W4FOK MILL Program.  Teaches American and International Morse Code.  File is a zip file of an executable DOS file.
Keywords: morse; code; w4fok; telegraphy
Downloads: 10
[movies]Rijkstelegraaf bestaat honderd jaar
Bioscoopjournaals waarin Nederlandse onderwerpen van een bepaalde week worden gepresenteerd.De Rijkstelegraaf bestaat 100 jaar. In Den Haag is, tgv dit feit, een tentoonstelling ingericht over berichtenverkeer vroeger en nu. SHOTS: - Een gelukstelegram wordt aangeboden bij een loket in een postkantoor, waarna een telegrafiste de tekst uittypt op een telegraaf; uit de zijkant van de machine rolt een smalle papierstrook met de gedrukte tekst; - int...
Keywords: telegrafie, jubilea, tentoonstellingen, telegraphy, jubilees, exhibitions
Downloads: 13
[texts]On the advantages of high spark-frequency in wireless radio-telegraphy (Volume Bulletin of the Bureau of Standards, Vol. 5, 153-157 (1908) Scientific Paper 96 (S96))
Tissot has already pointed out the advantages of high spark-frequency when thermal detectors are employed. The author demonstrates that a high spark-frequency is also advantageous from the point of view of the telephone receiver. Rayleigh's and Wien's results are quoted as showing the rapid increase of sensitiveness with the frequency, and a curve of volt-sensitiveness is given for a pair of 800-ohm Schmidt-Wilckes head telephones of the type used for radio-telegraphic work...
Keywords: radiotelegraphy; acoustics; Telephony B6210F Telegraphy
Downloads: 179
[audio]Kurz Above iono-12
The twelfth release of ionosonde recordings is all about dub techno on a micro scale. Analog synthesizers were used in this album which explored the sonic wonders of the super high frequency (SHF) electromagnetic band where radars listen intently. This frequency rang goes by the name "the Ka band" or Kurz-above. Using only analog gear to produce the best sound quality as possible, Telegraphy recreates sounds that might be heard by a person who's in control of one of these radars...
Keywords: dub; techno; ionosonde; recordings; telegraphy; iono-12
Downloads: 396
[texts]International radio weather code for use on United States selected ships - United States. Weather Bureau
At head of title: W.B. no. 1005. United States Department of agriculture. Weather bureau
Keywords: Cipher and telegraph codes; Weather telegraphy
Downloads: 187
[audio]Grey Matter Liveset
As recorded on Nov 2, 2013 at Ionosonde studio. A live set "grey Matter by Telegraphy
Keywords: telegraphy; live; set; grey; matter; ionosonde; recordings
Downloads: 129
[movies]Samuel Morse ~ The Telegraph
Samuel Finley Breese Morse (April 27, 1791 – April 2, 1872) was an American painter and inventor. After having established his reputation as a portrait painter, in his middle age Morse contributed to the invention of a single-wire telegraph system based on European telegraphs. He was a co-developer of the Morse code, and helped to develop the commercial use of telegraphy.
Keywords: Samuel Morse; Telegraph; Telegraphy; Vonsmersh; Morse
Downloads: 42
[audio]Plate Reverb Demo - Telegraphy
A demonstration recording of my D.I.Y. plate reverb.
Keywords: plate; reverb; demo; recording; telegraphy; ionosonde; recordings
Downloads: 1,839
[audio]Alter Rd. iono-13 - Telegraphy
Dark Detroit techno with very heavy dubed soundscapes gives this album a place in the underground music scene. Telegraphy once again, delivers yet another minimal dubed techno sound that is a far cry from his signature sound. Using only analog gear, Telegraphy delves deep into the underground sound environment to catch vibrant tonalities. Some of his home made studio gear makes an appearance to support a rich sounding album.
Keywords: Telegraphy; ionosonde; recordings; dub; techno; iono-13
Downloads: 436
[texts]Manual Of Radio Telegraphy For Radio Operators Using Federal Arc Radio Transmitting Equipment - Federal Telegraph Company
Keywords: Radio; Telegraphy -- Handbooks, Manuals, Etc; Telegraphy; Arc Transmitter; Telegraph, Wireless; Electric Arc
Downloads: 51
[audio]Saga of Telegraphy: Can'st Thou Send Lightnings? - J. Ralph Graham
"Saga of Telegraphy: Can'st Thou Send Lightnings?" A brief history of Morse telegraphy in sound. Written by J. Ralph Graham, Communications Chief "US New and World Report", whose actual Morse transmissions are recorded throughout the recording, first using a hand Morse key sending and Morse sounder reception starting in 1844 with a reenactment of the very first public Morse code sending by artist and inventor Samuel F.B...
Keywords: ASIN: B00540DYKE; A282994; telegraphy; sounder; morse; j. ralph graham; saga of telegraphy; Saga of telegraphy: Canst thou send lightnings?
Downloads: 361
[audio]Grey Matter iono-15
The mysterious nature of some matter has captivated inquiring minds as long as there has been instruments of micro foresight. Elusive substances make their appearance only to offer conjecture on a theological context, where by attuned idealist can perhaps make a assumption that they exist at all. Characterized has being here nor there, the escape artist of the material world evades understanding and discovery...
Keywords: iono-15; telegraphy; ionosonde; recordings; grey; matter; dub; techno; detroit
Downloads: 326
[audio]iono-8 A Happy Loneliness - Telegraphy
Telegraphy's "A Happy Loneliness" is a thirty minute live set that centers around the single (with the same title) "A Happy Loneliness", released on ionosonde's singles collection. Introductory ambient textures build-up and flow effortlessly into the signature track of this liveset that is one of the most memorable tracks from Telegraphy. Paralleling the introduction, Telegraphy takes the listener down to the same level were he injects Detroit style ambient noise that give a sense of free floati...
Keywords: a; happy; loneliness; telegraphy; ionosonde; recordings; iono-8
Downloads: 197
[audio]Kurz Above (liveset) - telegraphy
A live impromptu live set from Ionosonde Recordings resident artist - Telegraphy. Using tracks from his latest album Kurz-above , Telegraphy creates different pallets of sound through heavily processed dubbly delays. The textural differences from "Kurz-above [iono-12] can be apparent in this extended track which begins as if you were in the deepest part of the ocean where everything has a fluidity quality about it...
Keywords: dub; techno; live; telegraphy; ionosonde; recordings; kurz-above; single
Downloads: 205
[audio]Rain'en On My Feet - Telegraphy
A single by Telegraphy
Keywords: ionosonde; recordings; telegraphy; rain'en on my feet; single
Downloads: 217
[audio]Midnight Morning Glory - iono-6 - Telegraphy
You find your self in a elusive garden late on a mid-summers night. The bright full moon light strains through the heavy canopy above only to illuminate the lush array of plants below. Exploring the grounds with ancient statuses of mythical gods partially covered with Morning Glory vines, you study the beautiful flowers of this curious plant. Feeling around, a few seeds drop into your hands. With no hesitation you ingest the hand full of seeds...
Keywords: iono-6; midnight; morning; glory; telegraphy; ionosonde; recordings
Downloads: 77
[audio]Marche Du Nain Rouge 2014
Marche Du Nain Rouge Detroit March 23, 2014
Keywords: marche; du; nain; rouge; 2014; detroit; ionosonde; recordings; telegraphy
Downloads: 13
[audio]Spiricom iono-10 - Telegraphy
The tenth release of ionosonde recordings.
Keywords: iono-10; spiricom; dubtechno; experimental; telegraphy; ionosonde; recordings
Downloads: 184
[audio]Midnight Morning Glory - telegraphy
You find your self in a elusive garden late on a mid-summers night. The bright full moon light strains through the heavy canopy above only to illuminate the lush array of plants below. Exploring the grounds with ancient statuses of mythical gods partially covered with Morning Glory vines, you study the beautiful flowers of this curious plant. Feeling around, a few seeds drop into your hands. With no hesitation you ingest the hand full of seeds...
Keywords: iono-6; telegraphy; ionosonde recordings; midnight morning glory
Downloads: 59
[audio]Somewhere In Detroit iono-5 - Telegraphy
July 12th 2011 at 9:00pm est somewhere in the city of Detroit. It was a hot muggy night in the motor city, the cicadas were buzzing along with synthesizers in the distance, the ambient still air was crackling transiently with the movements of R.F. energy and yet a young man in a hot upstairs room stands in front of a collection of various vintage vacuum tube communications equipment; ready to disperse a unique sound across the city of Detroit over the airwaves...
Keywords: iono-5; somewhere; in; detroit; telegraphy; ionosonde; recordings
Downloads: 105 (1 review)
[audio]Species - iono-7 - Telegraphy
Happy Friday the thirteenth. Ionosonde recordings brings you three thirteen minute tracks with one, one minute track. 13 on the 13th. Good Luck! A bird is different from a elephant. So is a octopus from a wolverine. Species tells the difference apart from animals and insects alike, but there are similarities that persists throughout the animal kingdom. Take the eyes for instance. Have you ever seen a person or animal with only one eye? No, every living organism has two or more eyes, four extremi...
Keywords: iono-7; species; telegraphy; ionosonde; recordings; dub; techno
Downloads: 420
[texts]Some experiments with coupled high-frequency circuits (Volume Bulletin of the Bureau of Standards, Vol. 7, 301-314 (1911) Scientific Paper 158 (S158))
The relation between the energy of oscillation in two coupled circuits and the coefficient of coupling is investigated. The primary aircraft is excited by means of a vibrator worked by an electromagnet, and this circuit excites the two coupled circuits under observation. The arrangement is taken as representing a sender and a receiving circuit with a detector circuit coupled to it. It is the energy relations in the last two which are studied...
Keywords: radiotelegraphy; oscillations and waves (electric)/ B6210F Telegraphy
Downloads: 144
[audio]Smile, Echelon Knows
Echelon, the (SIGINT) or "signals intelligent" was or is the worlds leading information gathering entity. Anything from e-mails to cell phone interception, this group of shadow people who operate behind the closed "green door" can and will with a push of a button, listen in on my own and your personal traffic. "Smile, Echelon Knows" by Telegraphy is a cloak and dagger deception of dubed audio and field recordings, that will gather all traffic of synthesized chords and beats which will link toget...
Keywords: Telegraphy; smile; echelon; knows; ionosonde; recordings; dub; techno; netlabel
Downloads: 194
[texts]Some quantitative experiments in long-distance radiotelegraphy (Volume Bulletin of the Bureau of Standards, Vol. 7, 315-363 (1911) Scientific Paper 159 (S159))
This paper refers to experiments carried out daring 1909-1910 between the Fesscnden high-power station at Brant Hock and the U.S. cruisers /b Birmingham/ and /b Salem/. A series of experiments enabled data to be obtained as to the laws governing the radiation and reception of electric waves, and the subject of atmospheric absorption up to a distance of 1000 miles to be studied. At Brant Rock 50 to 60 kw...
Keywords: radiotelegraphy; oscillations and waves (electric)/ B6210F Telegraphy
Downloads: 140
[audio]Telegraphy-Species - Telegraphy
Happy Friday the thirteenth. Ionosonde recordings brings you three thirteen minute tracks with one, one minute track. 13 on the 13th. Good Luck! A bird is different from a elephant. So is a octopus from a wolverine. Species tells the difference apart from animals and insects alike, but there are similarities that persists throughout the animal kingdom. Take the eyes for instance. Have you ever seen a person or animal with only one eye? No, every living organism has two or more eyes, four extremi...
Keywords: iono-7; species; telegraphy; ionosonde; recordings; dub; techno
Downloads: 100
[texts]Dominion School of Telegraphy and Railroading : prospectus - Dominion School of Telegraphy and Railroading

Keywords: Dominion School of Telegraphy and Railroading; Railroads; Telegraphers
Downloads: 65
[audio]Watered Down Focal Point - Telegraphy
Improvisational dubtechno from Telegraphy. Using a field recordings from inside of a moving car traveling down a major highway in Detroit during a heavy rain storm and various other recordings. The hypnotic rushing sounds of cars passing by and the phasing effects of near by objects, plus the radio static noise of one of Telegraphy's vintage vacuum tube communications receiver was chosen as a back drop for this sporadic production.
Keywords: watered down focal point; ionosonde recordings; telegraphy; improvisational; dub; techno
Downloads: 334
[audio]Earth Stereo
Influenced by the genius renegade electrical engineer and teacher Eric P. Dollard who is better known as the modern day living Tesla. "Earth Stereo"by Telegraphy is a sound journey through the mind of this brilliant inventor. If synthesizers could speak of his work - they would sound like this. Speaking in occult mathematics and higher understanding of fundamental electronics, Telegraphy puts in motion the fundamentals of sound...
Keywords: telegraphy; earth; stereo; eric; dollard; ionosonde; recordings; dub; techno; experimental
Downloads: 207
[texts]Dominion School of Telegraphy and Railroading [microform] : [prospectus] : train for good positions as telegraphers, station agents, freight and ticket clerks through day, evening or home study courses, Toronto, Canada - Dominion School of Telegraphy and Railroading (Toronto, Ont.)
Cover title
Keywords: Dominion School of Telegraphy and Railroading (Toronto, Ont.); Dominion School of Telegraphy and Railroading (Toronto, Ont.); Railroads; Telegraph; Chemins de fer, Travailleurs des; Télégraphe
Downloads: 37
[texts]Wyllarde, Dolf Pathway Of The Pioneer - Dolf Wyllarde
The story of seven girls who have banded themselves together for mutual help and cheer under the name of "Nous Autres." They represent, collectively, the professions open to women of no deliberate training, though well educated. They are introduced to the reader at one of their weekly gatherings and then the author proceeds to depict the home and business life of each one individually. (From the 1909 back-of-book advertisement)
Keywords: Edwardian fiction; working women; support groups; cats; London; telegraphy; Grub Street
Downloads: 32
[audio]Channel Tea Party - Charles Henry, VA3CH, and David J. Ring, Jr., N1EA
Recordings made of 500 kHz of the English Channel Wireless Telegraphy signals contributed by R/O Charles Henry of Kingston, ON Canada. A wonderful cacophony of signals from PCH, DAN, OST, GLD, GCC, GNI and others. Coast Stations along both sides of the Channel seem to be battling it out to send out their calls to tell ships there are Weather (WX) or Navigational Warnings (NX) or traffic list (TFC LIST)
Keywords: PCH; DAN; OST; GLD; GCC; GNI; VA3CH; WT; wireless telegraphy; 500 kHz; Morse
Downloads: 199
[audio]Deep Tape Loops iono-11 - Telegraphy
"Deep Tape Loops" is the first full length album by resident artist Telegraphy. A project put together that consists of modified cassette tape loops, laptop, vintage vacuum tube receiver, and various analog effects. "Deep Tape Loops" delves into basic minimal-techno dub using vintage techniques. Trying to make new sounds in a analog way is mighty difficult. In the age of sophisticated audio manipulation software, where the novice can created wonderful sounds with ease, it is just no wounder why ...
Keywords: iono-11; deep; tape; loops; telegraphy; ionosonde; recordings; minimal; techno; dub
Downloads: 550
[texts]Comparative sensitiveness of some common detectors of electric oscillations (Volume Bulletin of the Bureau of Standards, Vol. 6, 527-542 (1910) Scientific Paper 140 (S140))
The experiments were made with a buzzer as transmitter, capable of giving wave-lengths from 350 m to over 2000 m. The chalcopyrite-zincite (perikon) detector was used as a standard for comparison, measurements showing that the deflections obtained with this detector are proportional to the squares of the oscillatory currents as measured by thermo-element. For the comparison of detectors of other types with the perikon, the shunted telephone method and the variable coupling method were used...
Keywords: radiotelegraphy; measurements and use of instruments; Telephony B6210F Telegraphy
Downloads: 127
[audio]QRT - Last Day of 500 kHz in France - Erik Ludwig, F9LT, ex- PA0LU, Ned Raub, W1RAN
A recording made in France by Erik Ludwig, F9LT (originally PA0LU) of 500 kHz ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship Morse Wireless Telegraphy made His friend Edward "Ned" Raub relates further: He said he'd caught "everything from TA to VO1." or from Turkey TAH to Newfoundland, Canada with stations like St. Anthony Coast Guard Radio. For my part (says Ned Raub), I recorded U.S coast stations, Faroes, Oslofjord, much else between dusk and 00 GMT here...
Keywords: morse code; ship; radio; telegraphy; 500 kHz; SOS; wt; wireless:n1ea
Downloads: 548
[audio]Someone In Detroit iono-9 - Telegraphy
All tracks were written and produced by Richard Sudney(Telegraphy) 2012. "Someone in Detroit" is a forty-five minute live set that embraces dark Detroit pop with pausing's of experimental Detroit tech-no, noise, and dark ambient sound-scapes. Telegraphy pushes the boundaries out of the occult electronic music scene and into the revealed sound environment. The whole intention of this live set is to be a continuation of the monumental live performance "Somewhere In Detroit" [iono-5]
Keywords: iono-9; someone in detroit; telegraphy; ionosonde; recordings; experimental; techno; sounds of shortwave; ambient
Downloads: 214
[audio]Me, Without A Name
Telegraphy's eighteenth release here on Ionosonde Recordings. Tying our shoes on bubble gum ground is as close as a description for this "shoe gazed" five tracked experimental dubed techno EP. "Me, Without A Name" explores the inner most part of ourselves. The "I" of consciousness is only but a clumsy word that attempts to describe you and me. Without the "I", how can we have the "ME". The two must exist...
Keywords: me; without; name; telegraphy; ionosonde; recordings; dub; detroit; techno; iono-18
Downloads: 242
[texts]BSTJ 7: 2. April 1928: High-Speed Ocean Cable Telegraphy. (Buckley, Oliver E.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 7: 2. April 1928 pp 225-267. High-Speed Ocean Cable Telegraphy. (Buckley, Oliver E.)
Keywords: cable; cables; loaded; permalloy; speed; telegraphy; apparatus; loading; electrical; operation; bell system; loading material; loaded cable; technical journal; ocean cable; system technical; western electric; cable telegraphy; loaded cables; western union
Downloads: 57
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